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Let us help you get your heavy equipment service business or
maintenance shop running as efficiently as possible.

Established in 1995, Bore Repair Systems, Inc. manufactures and sells purpose-built line boring, bore welding and related accessories to the mining and construction industry here in the U.S.A. - Our customers appreciate the fact that our equipment is designed with simplicity, reliability and durability in mind, and that free anytime training is available on the entire lineup of Bore Repair Systems, Inc. products. 


Bore Repair Systems, Inc. customers benefit from a variety of unique design features on their line boring and welding systems including pass-through (mount anywhere) line boring bar drives and bore welders, fully tuneable bar support bearings, the industry first and only patented thru-bar snap ring groove machining system, the most compact automated face machining head and patented modular and reversible bore welding system allowing weldup of bores as far as 10 feet apart without the need for drive head re-positioning.  


Our innovative designs are a result of not only our many years in the manufacturing business, but also our years of running our own heavy equipment service business. Let us share our knowledge with you today and help you set up your shop with your own Bore Repair System. Call us at (800) 650-1005 or (603) 835-2409


From the BOA-408i base to the fully optioned BOA-408i S5, this patented bore welding system has been the top selling design since it was released. For bores, faces and OD's ranging in size from under 1" (25mm) to over 60" (1.5m) in any position, the BOA-408i has you covered. Ask about the free-trial and trade-in programs too.

The BOA-M1 bore welder is literally the most compact bore welder available, period. Stuck welding up on the undercarraige of a wheel loader? How about the a worn bore on a log yarding machine where the boom attaches to the base? The 2.5 pound BOA-M1 is ready for the job. With an entry price of under $4900. these bore welders are amazing and fully upgradable with the ultra precise, compact stepper auto-drive sytem for full automation.


BOA-C45 LineBore System

(premium pass-thru drive)

Simple, rugged, precise and very easy to use the BOA-C45 is a staple in any shop or on any service truck working on the bores found on most earth moving machines. The BOA-C45 line boring package is capable of machining bores & faces from 1" (25mm) to 14" (356mm) and boasts a number of features that are unique such as quick-change feed screws (available in a variety of lengths) , pass-through compact drive design (offering amazing setup versatility), variable feed rate, reversible feed direction and rotation and the all-new star drive interface. Of course, like all our pass-through design line bore systems, tune-able bar support bearings & dual tool ports are standard in the bars offering easy & precise "tool-in" bore measurements and final cut sampling measurements. It is these many unique features that makes the BOA-C45 simply the best, quickest and most accurate systems available at any price for most any heavy equipment bore repairs. (now available with electric or hydraulic drive)

BB6 LineBore System

(premium pass-thru drive)

The BB6 line boring system is designed for a wide variety of diameters. Capable of working on faces and bores from 1.5" (38mm) to 24" (610mm) and able to operate with the feed gearbox remotely mounted from the rotational gearbox, this system is big, tough and versatile. Like the BOA-C45 , the BB6 has a pass-through drive design, may be ordered with shorter or longer feed screws and may be equipped with the unique snap-ring groove cutting system or morse-taper end bars allowing all sorts of options including blind end machining. (available with electric or hydraulic drive)

This is an electric drive boring system that rotates and feeds the bar from the end of the bar. Bar does not have the option of passing through the drive. The 150 with accessories can machine as small as 1" (25mm) and as large as 6" (152mm)  Package available at under $3300. USD.   This is the industries lowest price boring system. Add a bore welder and you will be under $8995. USD.  


We have assembled (6) turnkey line boring and bore welding systems to make it easy for you to get one system, fully tested and designed to work together to weld up and machine the bores you are repairing. Select a system based on your size range requirements. If you have a special application, just call or email our office to talk with one of our sales specialists.  Pre-assembled electric drive linebore/welding packages available are:

BRS2C - repairs bores from 1.9" (48mm) to 10.0" (254mm) (consists of BOA-408i auto borewelder and BOA-C45 line bore system)

BRS3C - repairs bores from 1.4" (36mm) to 10.0" (254mm) (consists of BOA-408i auto borewelder and BOA-C45 line bore system with small bore package)

BRS4C - repairs bores from 1.0" (25mm) to 10.0" (254mm) (consists of BOA-408i auto borewelder and BOA-C45 line bore system with small and micro bore package)

BRS5c - repairs bores from 1.0" (25mm) to 14" (356mm) (consists of BOA-408i auto borewelder and BOA-C45 line bore system with small, micro and large bore package.

BRS6 - repairs bores from 1.4" (36mm) to 610mm) (consists of BOA-408i auto borewelder and BB6 electric line bore system)


Q150L-BW - repairs bores from 1.6" (41mm) to 5.5" (140mm) - consists of BOA-408i auto borewelder and 150 series Bar End-Drive linebore kit.

Ready for a system quote? Call us at 800-650-1005 or 603-835-2409 

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We manufacture a number of accessories for you to use with your line boring and bore welding system. Popular accessories include:

ID BORE MEASURE GAGE KIT - offers you the easiest way to accurately measure the bore you are repairing through the secondary tool port on your boring bar. Works in 1/2" and 3/8" tooling ports, for bores up to 14" diameter. (order #K92.10) See demo here

ID BORE MEASURE GAGE KIT TIGHT BORE VERSION - similar to the standard kit above, but is designed to collapse  down to the bar diameter enabling the accurate measurements of bores which are much closer to the actual boring bar diameter. (standard ID bore measure requires 1/2" (12mm) clearance over bar dia) (order #K92.20)

PRECISION TOOL BIT ADJUSTER KIT - Used in with your ID bore measure gage kit, This kit offers you the most accurate and positive way to adjust your cutting tool for a precise final cut. (order #K93.26) See demo here

ADJUSTABLE BASE PACKAGE - This package offers you more adjustment of your boring bar supports. Very handy when mounting the unit to uneven surfaces and/or when working on excessively worn bores. Comes with (2) bases to work with your (2) standard one-arm supports. (order #K94.21)


We offer our boring bars with morse tapers machined in the ends. This is handy for a variety of specialty work and allows bars to be coupled together (using our optional coupler kit) or allows your boring bar system to machine right off the end of the bar for blind machining or drilling. (order # varies depending on bar. We also modify existing bars, call for details)

FACE MACHINING OPTIONS - All of our line boring systems are available with face machining options available. Our largest facing head (which fits the BB6) will machine up to 24" (610mm) We offer a line of very compact face machining heads as well, for working in those tight spaces. (order # varies depending on model chosen) See example of our auto facer here

SNAP-RING GROOVE MACHINING KIT - This unique, patent pending tool offers you the simplest way to restore damaged or worn out snap ring grooves in your equipment bores. This kit will fit easily in bores that no other tool will fit into. A great compliment to your bore repair system. (order # varies depending on model chosen)

SURE-CUT SYSTEM - This oxygen lance is one slick, easy to use tool that should be on every service truck and in every shop that works on repairing worn out bores. Pays for itself in 1-2 uses in time savings. If you've ever had to deal with how to remove a stuck or frozen/rusted in pin you will appreciate this system. In minutes it can pierce a hole straight through the stuck pin. Once it cools a few minutes later, the pin shrinks and the rust bond is broken and the pin can be easily tapped out. This tool, when compared to using a press or a sledge hammer can potentially save hours of labor. (order #JRSC2024S-REG)

LOW-PROFILE CENTERING KIT - This kit offers a handy way to get your boring bar centered when using cones is not a good option. For example when the bore faces are not square to the bores or the bores have lots of wear and are no longer close to round you will find that pre-centering your bar using this kit is much easier and accurate. These kits are available to fit 1.25", 1.75", 2.0" and 2.25" diameter bars. Kits include a pair of centering rings, weld-on centering tabs, centering screws with knurled ends and instructions. Click here for kit order numbers and details. 

MULTI-MOUNT KIT - This rectangular support (now standard in our BB6 and BRS6 packages and available as an option for the BRS2c, 3c, 4c and 5c) is excellent when working on larger bores, or when performing face cutting operations on the same side as mount is attached. It can be used in conjunction with the compact circular mount when you would like to add additional bar support but do not have a way to add a center support. 

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ULTRA-CARBIDE BORING BAR CUTTING SYSTEM - Our new Ultra-Carbide is an excellent choice when using your larger bars that have 1/2" tool ports.  The holder is designed so that the insert is within the 1/2" profile allowing you to have maximum boring diameter range. The inserts can handle much higher speeds that the standard high speed cutters and they will not fracture when using on rough cuts or in bores with interruptions. There are three cutting edges as well and these bits hold a sharp edge on average 10x longer than a standard high speed bit, and 5x longer than most cemented carbide cutters.

Click here for information 

ON-SITE TRAINING OPTION  - Bore Repair Systems, Inc. offers professional line bore & welding training for you and/or your staff at your shop or jobsite. Are you new to the bore repair industry or did your previous bore repair employee leave before your new hire was brought up to speed? We have worked with many clients in these situations over the years and it has been a great benefit to them.  Contact us at 603-835-2409 or for a rate quote and details.

Did you know that Bore Repair Systems, Inc.  also rents not only line boring and bore welding systems and accessories, but also clamshell lathes, portable mills, gantry mills, rack drills and flange facers?  For information about rental or our lease to own program, please contact us today----

Call (800) 650-1005 or (603) 835-2409 or email us at:

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