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Bore Repair's customer feedback:

See how the quality bore repair equipment from Bore Repair Systems, Inc. can enhance your business like it did theirs.

Justin - Crane Repair

United Kingdom

“Since 2011 when we bought the bore repair system,  we've been running our BRS2 system BOA-408i bore welder and EV2 line boring machine from 6am-7pm 6 days a week, for 50 weeks per year, and we've never had any problems whatsoever."


Steve V.

Elko, NV

"We absolutely love our BOA system. It has saved us tons of time on our mining and construction equipment bore repairs. It's an excellent system."

Mike J.

Calumet, MN

"My BOA bore welder gives me a 90 percent time savings over hand welding, and a 75 percent machining time savings. It is quite a machine. The BOA works so well I feel like I owe Bore Repair Systems more money!"


On a second call to Bore Repair Systems, several years later Mike stated: "I wouldn't trade my BOA bore welder for anything!"

AM Fabrication


“I love my BOA-M1 bore welder. I've even used it for welding up bores on equipment that is sent into outer space!”

Joe M.

Cannonsburg, PA

“Bore Repair Systems' bore welders are the sweetest things to come down the road.”


Fultonville, NY

"The Bore Repair Systems BOA series bore welders are extremely user friendly and the guys like to use it. We used to have the other brand, and it just didn't work out well for us. It was so complicated, no one would use it and it ended up sitting in the corner for years. The BOA is great, simple and gives us the best results."


Joplin, MO

"You know, I'm amazed at how well my BOA bore repair sytem works."


Medford, NY

"Your BOA-408i bore welder works fabulously; your engineers did a marvelous job of designing it; it could not be more simple to use and set up."

Joe M.

Mound City, KS

"We love the machines that we have purchased from Bore Repair Systems, Inc.  They are wonderful units, and we've been using them on all types of bore repairs for a long time now."

Terry H.

St. Louis, MO

"We've put well over 900 hours so far on our BOA bore welder since purchasing it, and it has been holding up's a great machine."


North Pole, AK

"I purchased my BOA bore welder about 6 years ago and have been extremely pleased with it. It has been inexpensive to run and does not require costly annual rebuilds.  I can get many of the consumables I need at the local welding equipment shop. I am very happy with the BOA and have put many hours on it, and it does a great job for us."

Joe L.

Houston, TX

"I just wanted to call and say how pleased I am with the BRS3 system I purchased from you.  It is everything you said it was. Thank you."

Peter M.


"The BOA bore welder I purchased from you works great. You have a very good product."

Dan A.

Oklahoma City, OK

"I've had my BOA bore welder for over a year now, and it works like a dream. I'm very pleased with its performance. It runs slick as a whistle!"


Latest statement from Dan, 5 years after his first call:

"I still use my BOA bore welder all the time, and am considering adding a second system soon. It has been an excellent addition to my business, it always works and does a great job."

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Jon R.

Florida, NY

"I am really impressed at how well the BRS2c bore repair system was thought out"

Tim K.

West Harrison, IN

"Your dual hole boring bars are a game changer for accuracy and efficiency compared to our old equipment!"

Brian G.

Gallatin, TN

"This linebore and welding system (model BRS2c) has been rocking this week. Did 8 bores and 8 faces. Making lots of money and have more work already lined up. It's awesome!"

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