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Bore repair photos & videos

Below is a collection of various photos & videos of our various bore repair machines and accessories. As you can see there really is no easier method of repairing worn bores in equipment than with Bore Repair Systems units.

Photo slide show:

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Video gallery:

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Main product compilation

Realtime bore repair job

ID Bore measure gage kit

Precision tool bit adjuster

Tight ID bore measure kit

BOA-550HD bore welder

BOA-M1 bore welder (basic)

BRS6 Boring / Welding Sys

L34 linear welding system

BOA-M1 Auto-borewelder

BRS2 Setup and operation
Automatic Facing Head for 1.75" bar
Manual Facing Head for 1.75" bar
BoreWelding valve bore - 1.6"

More bore repair product and job photos:

The new BB6 boring system. 2.25" bar, direct mount system.
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